Friday, January 21, 2011

Family Friday with a bit of Thankful Thursday added...

Remember the storm of last February! I guess I shouldn't complain about this!
It's the weekend, we're snowed in and Hannah's off school! I love snow days...however - I miss my Matty!

Matt was away all last weekend at Winter Retreat - then, Wednesday morning, he came home from work around 9:30am with a stomach virus. I promptly packed up the girls and myself and moved into my parents house - determined to stay healthy!

I do feel guilty and everything, abandoning the sweet love of my life when he feels so yucky and needs to be taken care of....but not guilty enough to put the girls at risk (and he feels the same way). I did make sure to leave him with a comfy space with crackers, gingerale, popcicles I'm not completely heartless.

So, we've had a fun couple of days having slumber parties with grandma and pappap, shopping, eating out, and making rice krispies treats...but I miss my Matty!! It looks like it might be a while before we see him too. Looking out the window, the roads seem impassable.

I'm so thankful we have a place to go when my neurotic, germ-a-phobe tendency over powers rational thought. It's such a weird feeling to be a grown up mom and a daughter to my parents at the same time. Parenting and being parented at the same time. I'm sure my parents are ready to have their privacy and mellow house back - but it was fun to switch things up for a bit! I do love my family!

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