Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tips And Hints Tuesday - Hot Spots

Do you have a place in your house that's a dumping ground?

A table?


Hall Closet?

Junk drawers?

We all have those places where we toss stuff - never to be seen again. Maybe you have multiple "hot spots" that need your attention.

You can eliminate these spots if everything has a specific place. If it doesn't have a place - get rid of it!

This is an overwhelming task to start. So, I'm going to help you!

First, pick one of your hot spots - let's say a junk drawer.

Remove EVERYTHING from the drawer.

Categorize like items - and try to find a specific place for them (even get a container or drawer organizer for those specific items.

Throw/Give away what you don't need (old candles, dead batteries, and that charger to the cell phone you had six years ago.)

Put away items that have another home!

Return items that belong in that place TO that place neatly.

Promise to keep it neat.

Repeat with other hot spots.

To show that I'd participate with you and follow my own advice, I chose to clean out one of my hall closets. This took about an hour with two sick little girls - one of them a crying baby! So, I believe it would have taken 30 minutes if I was "hands free!" Since we have a walk-in closet inside our garage door, that's where we keep most of our coats and winter gear along with toys. The upstairs closet usually holds lighter jackets and summer shoes. Here are my before and after photos.

Below: THE MESS. On the top shelf is a bunch of JUNK that gets tossed up there when we are lazy. There's a handheld vacuum, a Happy Birthday sign, a basket with our old video camera and tapes, a laundry bag, mesh shelves and a bunch of snow gear.

Hanging on the coat rack is a hanger with a bunch of reusable bags. How messy looking and what a waste of space!

On the bottom right our make-shift shoe rack is housing a stack of puzzles and there's a bag of books on the floor.

Here's the finished product. I actually hung up the the mesh shelves. Vertical storage is a great way to use space! Notice that most of the top shelf is empty and there is still space on the shelves. Try to leave yourself room to grow! I folded the reusable bags neatly, and put them in the largest bag and placed it on the bottom shelf. 

Odds and ends are in the white basket (rechargeable batteries, external speakers etc.)

We bought those Command hooks so that Hannah has a place to hang her coat and book bag after school. Remember, if everything has a place, there is no clutter.

I took the vacuum out of the closet and will store it in the laundry room for now. Once I clean out the basement closet, it'll probably fit in there. Take note that we're using repurposing an old, cheap TV stand as a shoe rack in this closet. I don't want our dirty shoes on the carpet. (That's a pet peeve of mine in general.)

So, let's hear about your progress. Take pictures. It makes you feel so accomplished!

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