Monday, March 7, 2011

Money Monday - Some freebies and savings

I'm a sucker for a free sample. Emma is 3 months old and gets one bottle of formula a day. I'm STILL using up free samples!! If you're willing to punch in your address info and create an email address for junk mail ('cause they all ask you for one) then go to town on these sites. I get free granola bars, formula, shampoo, coffee (even though I don't drink it,) lotions, vitamins, bibs - you name it. I NEVER complete a free sample form where I have to select offers or pay money for something else. I have to filter through things sometimes, but the sites I give you are all totally free.

Here are sites I frequent if I have time:

Cheap Stingy Bargains This site is new to me, but it has a freebies tab that has some cool stuff!

Coupon Mom - This site has great printable coupons! I use it often.

Current Codes - I haven't used this site as I don't do much online shopping, but Parents Magazine suggests it has discount codes for 2000+  online stores including kid-friendly ones like Babies R Us and Gymboree. 

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