Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tips and Hints Tuesday - Storing Towels

Alright - after I posted my tip on storing sheets in their pillow cases, my friend Michele asked me if I had any tips on towels.

I don't know if I have anything ingenious to report - but I was inspired to clean out my linen closet!

I was talking to another friend who agrees that there is only one way to fold towels.

1. Fold them in half from short end to short end.
2. Fold them in half again.
3. Then fold in thirds.

This ensures that you can store the most towels in the smallest area.

It's nice if you are able to store them so the smooth side is showing, but my closet is narrow, so in order to fit two columns of towels, you have to see the not-smooth side - which annoys me.

So here's my before and after...

Here is my messy bathroom closet.

Yes, that is a caulking gun next to toilet bowl cleaner, next to mouth wash...

Here's the finished product. My towels are old - and I bleach them all (colored or not.) I'm in the process of replenishing with new WHITE ones, but it'll take a while. You can clearly see where the new white ones are. Haha. It's obvious from the photo, that my recommended way to fold towels allows me to neatly store many of them. The bottom shelf holds bath toys mostly. The top shelf holds cleaning products. It's not perfect but, it will do.

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