Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Don't tell him I told you...

Hey, I'm allowed to be gushy in my blog....So that's your warning and here I go. (He would kill me for this)...

These are some of the sweet things my husband of almost 10 years does to show me he loves me:

He starts my car and turns the heat on before I get in it.
He carries me to bed if I'm tired and laying on the couch.
He says he likes it best when I'm in sweats and no make-up.
If he's out of clothes, he does laundry and doesn't complain when I don't do it.
He can do anything that I do for the kids - and does it gladly.
He listens when I talk - which must be hard since I talk so much.
For Christmas, he hunted down a Creative Memories consultant, and met her in a parking lot so I would stop buying cheap scrapbooking albums - and bought me a nice one.
He ends every single text and phone call with "I love you."
He tells me what I need to hear.
He loves me when I'm crazy, which is often.
He tells me I'm beautiful in such a way, that I believe it.
He used to put my pajamas in the dryer to warm them before I put them on...Now he does it for Hannah, which I think is still cute. (He used to warm Emma's wipes in the microwave before changing her - so we had to get a wipe warmer.)
He brings me medicine and a hot pack if he knows my neck has been bothering me - even if I don't say anything.
I have NEVER seen a better father. He will play anything with the girls - even Barbies, if he has to!
He has taken care of me through every health issue I've ever had without complaining.
He loves Jesus and teaches our kids to love Him too.
He works hard to provide financially for our family, but leaves work at work. When he comes home, he's focused on us.
When we buy a new car, I get to drive it ;)
He let me be the mom of two amazing little girls.

I could go on all day. I always say, I know Jesus better after being with Matt because I really think he embodies what Jesus wants a man to be. I know he got the short end of the stick, but I have become more in love with him every day since he took me on that first date thirteen years ago...

Recently, I'm reminded once again of how much he sacrifices for us. I love you Matty.


High School Graduation 2000

Hannah's Second Christmas

Right after Hannah was born - 2005


Reading to the girls.

Playing with Emma at the Pumpkin Patch

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