Friday, January 20, 2012

Family Friday - Magic Window

I read this in a magazine and I think it makes a lot of sense. The detailed article can be found here 

I found it interesting and well-thought out. It makes the assumptions that most kids have a "magic window" in which they best comply with learning a new task or foregoing a "baby" habit. Here are some they suggest.

2-4 weeks - Give a bottle to a breast-fed baby. I started both from day one with both kids and had ZERO problems.

4-6 months - Get him to sleep through the night. I also think kids can be sleeping through the night WELL before this stage, but it makes sense to get serious about it if they aren't by this time. Both of my girls were great sleepers, though.

Around 6 months - Start solids - Agreed. People start too early. I also think they need to be started VERY gradually, and you don't need to start with rice cereal.

7-9 months - Use a sippy cup. Babies can start earlier than this, but I definitely wouldn't go later.

12-18 months -  Introduce A Lovey - I think this is interesting. I think certain kids are prone to lovies and others aren't.  Hannah couldn't care less about at attachment to anything. Emma doesn't go anywhere without her blankie and her paci. I don't know why you would want to encourage them to be attached to something if they don't have a need for it.

12-23 months - Take away the pacifier. Lord help me. I try to keep the paci and the blankie in Emma's crib for nap and bedtime, but, at 13 months, she will go in there, yank the blankie through the crib slats and point and grunt for her paci all day. *Sigh* I wonder if she'll go to Kindergarten with it.

2.5-3 years - Movie from a crib to a bed. - Agreed. Keep 'em in there as long as possible! When they learn to climb out you "Super Nanny" them into knowing they need to stay in there!

2.5 - 3 years - Potty Train - I suppose this is right, but I'll still try earlier. I hate diapers.

3-5 years - End Nap Time - Keep nap time as LONG AS POSSIBLE! Sometimes, my first grader still naps. I love nap time. Some people say their kids stop napping at 15 months. FIGHT IT!!

5-7 years  - Take off the Training Wheels - That's gonna be a battle. I think Hannah (6) has a bike that's too big for her. Her feet don't reach the ground totally and she ends up frustrated. We'll be on the late end of this one!

6-7 years - Bathe by his/herself - I still think their hair needs checked, but everything else - go for it!

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