Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Money Monday - One Day Late

Now is the time, where you pull out last month's bank statement (if you look at that sort of thing) and try to balance your checkbook for the end of last year (if you do that sort of thing). You can probably look at your budget (if you keep one) and see the damage. Ours was lovely - especially since we took a trip to Disney!

It's a new year though. A fresh new page. Start now. Write a simple budget and try to stick to it. Get rid of that debt you put on those credit cards and cut them up. You don't need one...but that's another blog.

It's time to be organized with your finances. You have control over your money. YOU tell it what to do...Now get to it!

Now, here comes my "hanging-my-head-in-shame" moment. I forgot to turn in my Homestead Exclusion Act form last year and so it wasn't applied to my Escrow...which was short many hundreds of dollars, which not only raised the projected amount needed for Escrow, but added the shortage amount too...causing a HUGE increase in our mortgage all because I was literally 3 days late mailing the form in. I already mailed in 2 forms for 2012 just to be sure...and I'm STILL kicking myself.

So, I may seem anal and overly organized, but I make some doozies too. I just have to move on, pay for my mistake and get back on the horse. 

You do the same! 

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