Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tips And Hints Tuesday: Significantly Cut your Energy Bill TODAY

Pennsylvania recently passed a law that residential customers can now choose their own energy supplier. It's relatively simple. You still pay you're current company (i.e. West Penn Power or Duquesne Light) but the distribution charges drop significantly.

You could be paying over 9 cents per kWh right now.

By switching suppliers, you could cut that almost in HALF. It's only part of your bill, so you won't be paying half of your total bill, but you will see a significant decrease.

We pay Duquesne Light but our Supplier is First Energy.

We are pretty good about keeping lights off here, but I instantly saw an $18 per month reduction - and it's gone done every month so far. It costs you nothing and puts extra cash in your wallet. Look into it! But, do your homework and make sure you choose a reputable company!

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