Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wellness Wednesday

Here are some health-things on my mind this week:

1. It's March and I've already well-surpassed my $500 health insurance deductible.

2. I'm feeling sick as a dog at moment - possibly feverish. I went to take my temperature and was shocked that it was only 93. "I MUST be dying." I thought to myself, before realizing I just finished a smoothie.

3. Emma was up for half the night, miserable from her shots and well-visit yesterday. At that appointment, we had a momentary concern for her size. It appeared that she had completely dropped off the growth chart for her height. After remeasuring, my little shorty is in the 10th percentile, which is where she always is, so everything is fine there. I don't think I could ever give birth to Andre the Giant though. Come on people, I'm five feet tall!

Here's a picture of my poor baby at Target snuggling up to a monkey backpack. She almost fell asleep in the cart like this!

4. I just spent $15 on allergy eye drops because, though I've never had allergies, the mild PA winter has cause me to want to gauge my own eyes out.

5. Lastly, I am pushing fluids!! I need to feel better. I never want to drink anything ESPECIALLY when I'm sick, but it really does help.

So, that's a random post, but it's what's happening in my world!

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