Sunday, March 25, 2012

Money Monday - 100 Pictures for $5 SHIPPED!

I know it's a day early, but I just ordered 120 pictures from Snapfish and they are going to mail them to my house for $6.40! I had 20 free prints, so I had to pay the $1.40 to have the extra 20 shipped to my house...but the deal is:

100 4x6 prints for $5 including shipping. Enter the promo code RAINBOW at check out. You have until TUESDAY, MARCH 27!

Things that impressed me:

I was extremely impressed at the speed in which my photos were uploaded.

I could choose glossy or matte.

AND the most impressive thing to me was that I was able to, at no extra charge, select 4x5.3in photos for those that weren't automatically 4x6. I hate when they automatically crop your pictures to fit.

Here are just a few photos I'm excited to see:

Go! Do it!

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