Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tips and Hints Tuesday - Pantry/Ants

Tuesday's Tip - Keep this kid out of your pantry.

Here is Emma sitting in my pantry, doing what she does best. Playing with food coloring, spices, and sprinkles. It keeps her busy!

Seriously though, spring is here and it's time to clean out that pantry - or the cabinets where you keep your food. Even the most meticulous people have some crumbs or spilled honey in those dark back corners which is like a magnet for those annoying little insects. 

A thorough cleaning makes a huge difference in the appearance of those ants. 

Also, this grosses me out, but apparently you can create your own ant killer with boric acid, sugar, and water. Just KEEP IT AWAY FROM YOUR LITTLE PANTRY-DWELLERS THAT ARE WELCOME, like my little Emma Grace.

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