Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Team Work Tuesday

Here's my little sweetie, all cleaned up and on a triple-layer-protected couch.

I haven't blogged here for a while. I've been, well, myself. Busy, anxious, focusing on another blog. But I'm sitting here, it's Thanksgiving week,  and I have a lot to be thankful for. I'm always grateful for my blessings.

But, last night just reminded me how special my family is...in a silly, vomity sort of way.

Hannah called me twice from school yesterday saying she didn't feel well. I knew she didn't. She had gotten food contaminated with gluten two days ago (she's on a gluten/dairy free diet) and it didn't sit well with her.

So, since she didn't have any obvious leave-school-early symptoms, I told her to stick it out.

She came home and didn't eat dinner...which is VERY out of character, and if you fast forward a few hours, she woke herself up in the most enormous pile of throw-up I have ever seen. It was everywhere.

Matt and I heard her cough and that was it, but it was enough for us to check on her.

There was our sweet baby disoriented, sick, filthy, and totally confused.

And Matt and I went to work.

Even while it's happening, I'm always amazed at our team work. I just don't know what people do when they're the only one who deals with that stuff. Someone has to get the kid cleaned up and someone has has to get the bed changed...and everything else.

Matt and I have some sort of mental interconnections and we just start. I love him so much. I grabbed Hannah who was literally dumping the vomit from her hands onto the carpet and Matt got the sheets.

I realize this is all disgusting, but it's so beautiful in a way. It makes me so thankful for my sweet husband, and it also so closely parallel's God's love for us. We spend most of our lives in "vomit" and He so gently cleans us, cares for us, and gets us through it.

Maybe I'm nuts for having these feelings when talking about puke, but that's me.

Hannah's feeling much better this morning, thankfully...I'm trying to explain to her why she can't eat normally for breakfast.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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