Friday, May 4, 2012

Family Friday

I just love how much my girls love each other. I've never seen sisters so connected. I sure hope it stays that way! Hannah is a little mommy to her baby sister!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thrifty Thursday - Make your own hand soap. SUPER EASY!!

I am so excited! I made my own hand soap. The results yielded over a gallon - and I had to purchase...NOTHING. I had everything in my possession! Even if you had to buy everything - this much hand soap would cost you around $1 and it's really easy to make - and smells wonderful. This is the perfect way to avoid the health concerns of most hand soaps, OR to use up all those bars you take home from hotels but never use!

1 bar of soap (I used Trader Joes All Natural Honey Oatmeal Bar)
2 TBSP Glycerin (It's cheap - you can find it in the first aid aisle)
1 gallon water
5-10 drops citrus (or your favorite scent) essential oil *OPTIONAL*
Empty soap dispensers
1 gallon jug to hold soap (mine held white vinegar - and then home made laundry soap.)

1. Grate your bar of soap with a cheese grater. Don't get freaked out people, it's soap.
2. Add to a LARGE soup pot (sans soup) with 1 gallon hot water and glycerin.
3. Slowly heat and stir until soap flakes dissolve. It will be thin.
4. Add essential oil if you want. You really don't need it.
5. Let sit uncovered overnight or 8-10 hours to thicken, it will seem uneven.
6. You can use a mixer or whisk to get an even consistency.
7. Use a spouted measuring glass or funnel to pour soap into containers.

PERFECT, QUICK, EASY, and CHEAP! My favorite!

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