Monday, February 8, 2016

Easy Valentine's Day School Party Ideas

Happy Valentine's Day!

This week, I'll be helping with parties for my 5th grader and my preschooler for Valentine's Day. The age gap between my girls, means very different party activities, but I'm up for the challenge.

Here are some of the activities we'll be doing!

I've found that the older kids REALLY enjoy playing Minute To Win It games. I've done one at each party, and they've all been fun! For this game, multiple students will see how many conversation hearts they can stack on tap of each other in one minute. Highest stack wins. If they want to keep playing, the winner of each group can play each other.

You can find a million of these on Pinterest or Google, or make up your own. This is just a fun activity to get kids out of their seats. Find a Valentines Day version of the game appropriate for kids, like this one, and have kids pick a side.


I found this activity here. I thought it was cute, simple, and edible! It's also free of most food allergens for those who need to worry.


For a preschool activity, I'm hoping to split kids into smaller groups and play memory with candy kisses! There are stickers on the bottom. When the kids find a match, they get to keep the loot.

Do you have any simple fun Valentine's Day activities that have worked for you?

TIPS: Pre-pack crafts, games, and valentines in labeled, clear, zip top bags. One set of craft supplies in a bag per person works well. It makes things go so much smoother and more quickly when passing our supplies. Then, kids can store their finished craft in the bag.

Always bring extra Valentines and craft/game supplies in case you have miscounted or something gets lost or damaged

And, though not eco-friendly, cleanup involves tossing empty bags in the trash!

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