Saturday, June 4, 2016

Gluten & Dairy Free TWIX BARS!!!

It's what you've been asking for...the GLUTEN FREE TWIX BAR RECIPE!!

Here is the link to the recipe, but I made adaptations to make them dairy free as well.

For the crust:
I HIGHLY recommend Honeyville Almond Flour. Use what you have, but there's is a definite difference in taste and texture with this brand. Other brands are ok to use, but this one is my favorite.

I didn't bake the crust long enough because my little ankle biters (well...and their mother too, I guess) were impatient. It was still DELISH, just not super crunchy like a real Twix bar, except for around the edges, which I made sure to consume immediately. So good.

I also used plain sugar, because that's what I had.

For the caramel
OH MY GOSH! I've tried to make dairy free caramel a million times. Low and slow is the key here, with lots of stirring. I also used a combo of honey and agave with no problems. Tasted just like caramel.

In place of butter, I used a combination of coconut oil, dairy free Smart Balance, and organic palm shortening (1/4 cup of each). I think any combination of those would work fine, or each on their own. I would NOT use the Smart Balance on it's own though. I don't think it would thicken, but I used it in the combination for the butter flavor. Spectrum Palm Shortening makes a butter flavored variety that would probably work.

These were so good. They will be made in our house again!

Yield: 32 Twix-sized bars at 173 calories each.

I recommend storing these in the fridge. They can get soft if left out.

Remember, these are high in protein and relatively low in refined sugar, so while, they're not necessarily "healthy," they have no preservatives and you know exactly what went into them. They CERTAINLY have more nutrients than the ones you pick up at the store!

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