Friday, June 3, 2016

How To Enjoy Your Kids This Summer Instead of Going Crazy

Disclaimer: You will want to make fun of me.

It's okay. But, at least hear me out.

I LOVE having my kids home for the summer. I seriously get so excited. You are either in my camp or in the camp with moms who dread the thought of hearing, "I'm bored." every 10 minutes for 3 months.

Either way, ALL of us grow weary at some point in the summer. It's hard to keep kids busy all day and feel like you're bonding with them, while simultaneously helping them enjoy things that are valuable and enriching. Time for yourself? What's THAT?? And then there's the issue of the house staying clean...never.

I'm going to propose something that you'll probably love if you're Type A like me, and hate if you're not. Either way, I suggest trying this on a small scale, for a small amount of time, in a setup that suits your home and family, and see if it doesn't make your day more smooth and fulfilling.

Here it is: A SCHEDULE.

You say to me: "I'm SICK of schedules! I'm finally DONE with schedules and now you're telling me to create a new one???"

Well, yes. A really cool, fluid schedule that incorporates time for you to have PERMISSION and FREEDOM to have FUN with your kids, time for them to clean up their own messes, and QUIET TIME for you to recharge! Yes!! You schedule time to relax...because, well...REST!

Schedules don't have to be imprisoning. They are freeing! My kids are already loving ours. The schedule we made for our family is pretty much only for days we spend around the house. If we go to the zoo or have a playdate, or even run more than an errand or two, obviously it changes. There are time slots on ours, but only as a guideline, and they are totally flexible. It really ensures, that the necessities get done, and when the kids look at it, they see that most of the time is for having fun. A doable amount of time is allotted throughout the day for cleanup and chores.

I also included some broad categories like "Creativity." My girls are 5 and 10 years old, so their creative outlets look different. They might color, write stories, play with play doh, make movies on iMovie, draw, craft, paint, build, play their instruments, whatever. Like I said, it's fluid.

Maybe yours is written on the back of a napkin and only has the top 5 things you'd like to do every day. So be it. But when you sit down at the end of the day and reflect, you will feel accomplished and fulfilled. When summer is over, you won't feel like it was wasted. Even if you work outside the home, this still works!

So, try a simple schedule. I promise, it will help you keep your sanity and actually ENJOY your days with your kids this summer!

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