Friday, June 24, 2016

When you just need to get dinner on the table...

It's been a rough go trying to find the balance of fun and rest, busy and relaxation, and killing each other or getting along (the kids I mean...mostly). To be completely honest, my patience has been tested with daily whining. Hannah has been at camp all week and when she gets home, she's exhausted. Emma, is ready for her big sister to play play play! This period of time, before Matt gets home from work when I just need to get dinner on the table without meltdowns, and I'm worn out, is hard. Today, I had such a simple idea. I filled up my sink with soapy water and some utensils and asked Emma if she wanted to make "dinner" with me. She grabbed some play food and was totally content for over an hour. It was glorious. Matt walked in the door a little early and I even shooed him out for the bike ride he was hoping to take before dinner; a surprise I'm sure he wasn't expecting..

Was she in my way? Yes. Was she taking up a significant part of the VERY limited counter space I have? Double check. Did I lose the use of my sink? Uh huh. Was there water everywhere? Yep. Was it worth it...Oh yes.

So, just an idea if you're looking for a way to get dinner on the table peacefully!

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